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yikes i havent been on this account in forever but i should probably start using it haha

luna: megaman
gotvg: megaman


The high-pitched squeaking of shoes against the gym floor is a familiar sound to your ears, one that you now find comfort in whenever you find yourself in a tough position in life. Today was one of those times, it seemed. You'd stayed after practice with the intent of practicing your serve for only a little while longer. However, it's an hour and a half later and, even with a sore hand and a heaving chest, you find yourself ready to spike another ball. You prepare to throw the ball up in the air once more when a hand shoots out and latches onto your wrist. “Any more and your hand will fall off.” You don’t even have to look up to see who it is; the natural teasing lilt in his voice and roughness of his hands is enough of a hint.

“Come on,” Kuroo tugs you towards the locker room, taking obvious care to not touch your throbbing hand.

“What are you doing here?” you finally ask after he instructs you sit down while he looks for some bandages.

“Well, I’m Captain of the volleyball team, for one,” he smiles over his shoulder, sighing once he sees your distant expression. "I noticed how you were acting at practice and the last time you were like that you ended up with a sprained wrist," he explains, sitting on the bench beside you, his legs both on either side of the wooden seat. You avoid looking at him, flinching when he grabs your hand. He mumbles an apology, applying the disinfectant and gauze gently, making sure to refrain from hurting you. 

He stands to throw the trash away but you use your uninjured hand to pull him back onto the bench. Your hand still holds his even after he’s settled back onto the bench, eyes looking everywhere but at him. “The reason I was practicing was because I had to clear my mind,” you tell him, finally meeting his gaze. Your fingers tighten around his and you make a split-second decision, nervously pressing your lips against his. Quickly recoiling back from his face, you can feel your face flush with embarrassment even though you were the one to actually execute the action. You exhale shakily while shutting your eyes tight, wishing that the ground would suddenly spring into life and swallow you.

It's only when Kuroo's fingers tip your chin up softly that you realize he hasn't left yet. His thumb traces small, soothing patterns into the side of your face. His breath fans across your face and you eventually work up the courage to open your eyes once again. There's a small, goofy grin on his face. His expression prompts your tense body into relaxing and reciprocating the action. He leans his forehead against yours, eyes fluttering shut. He wraps his arms around you and tugs you closer to him;  you can practically feel the adoration and happiness emanating off his being.

"If that's what had you so worked up," he starts, breath fanning over the chapped skin of your lips, "Then maybe I should have made a move sooner." This time, he's the one that takes the initiative and presses his mouth against yours. The kiss itself is clumsy and average at best, but the emotions conveyed through it are what really take your breath away. In a single moment, you swear you can feel everything he had been feeling at the moment: his worry, his regret for not doing this sooner and the warm feeling he gets when he's around you. You're not sure if it's love yet, but you hope you'll both stay together long enough for you to find out.
extra practice [kuroo tetsurou]
guess who still sucks at titles even after 2 years also whats up i havent posted Anything on here for like a year and a half how are all of you

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